WIP : Pose & Animation Bank

I Am currently working on a new tool to store and reuses poses and animations.The user interface is almost finished and the basic features of the poses part too.
For now, it is possible to add characters and categories. It is also possible to add poses with a snapshot. Those poses are reusable and can be deleted, and there is a tool to select the controllers of the pose.
What remains to be done ?
I have to do the animations part, wich will be a bit more complicated. It will be possible to insert the animations wherever you want in the time line, they will probably be scalable to.
I'd also like to add substract/add modes for the poses, but I don't know if it will be in the first version or not.
In a future version there will be a tool to add other directories, so you can store your poses and animations in different folder (flashdrive, HDD, etc...)
How does it works ?
It is pretty simple : you select some controllers, position you camera for the snapshot, choose a name, character and category and click on "add". Now the image is stored as a .png and the pose/animation informations as a .xml, in the same folder as the script.
One important thing to know is that it doesn't need to be launched from maya's default folder. I am currently running it from a flashdrive. I haven't try yet but it can also probably be launched from a server in a studio, so all the animators can share and use all their poses and animations.
When ?!
 I think I will be able to publish a first version at the beginning of september.

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