As this is the very first post on this blog, I feel I should talk about my main tool as a character rigger.

     This is actually my second autorig. The first one (https://vimeo.com/33766447) was written in MEL, and was provided with an animation interface with tools and pickers. It worked fine but was limited to a very specific type of character : 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 toe, 5 fingers and a thumb.

     This new autorig is written in Python and presents much more options. Here is a video I made 2 months ago showing its features and how it works : https://vimeo.com/65519627 I did some improvement in the past 2 months but the most important things are in this video.

      There's one thing I kept in mind when building the animation interface : it HAS to fit each and every character; I must be able to add controllers (facial rig, antenna, tail, etc...) that the interface is able to recognize. In order to do that, each controller's message attribute is connected to a multi message attribute on a group, so the features like the Select All button simply checks that attribute to create a list of all the controllers.

    I'll write another post later to explain the details of how the interface works and how the pickers are generated dynamically.

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